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      Welcome to the SINOSUN Pavilion at CTT 2012

      SINOSUN Pavilion at CTT 2012
      Welcome to the SINOSUN Pavilion at CTT 2012!


      ConBuild Mining Indonesia 2012

      Conbuild Mining Indonesia 2012
      SINOSUN will attend the ConBuild Mining Indonesia 2012.CBMI ia a...


      CTT 2013

      CTT 2013
      Exposition Date: 2013.06.04-06.07 Pavilion Name: International Exhibition...


      2011 Exhibition Review

      2011 SINOSUN Exhibitions
      2011 Exhibitons Review
      We have met lots of our new and old customers in the...


      Brazil M&T Expo 2012

      SINOSUN at Brazil M&T Expo 2012
      Exposition Date:29th,May.-2th,Jun., 2012
      Pavilion Name: IMIGRANTES CENTER,S?...


      Welcome to the SINOSUN Group!

      SINOSUN - a dominent block making machine manufacturer and exporter. We manufactured concrete block making machines and related parts.


      For over years, SINOSUN has supplied various concrete block making machines and spare parts.

      Each year more and more companies all over the world discover the value of high quality from the whole units including small block making machines, mobile block making machines,and others (concrete block making machines, hollow block making machines,paving block making machines), to the inventory of the highest quality mixers, the conveyors, you can always get the most reliable block machines from us.


      Recently,SINOSUN block making machines have been exported to Oman, Bengal, Azerbajan,Russia,Mongolia,Kenya etc. The productivity partnership covers not only the Chinese market, but also the overseas market. Also, SINOSUN offer block making machines according to your individual specification incorporating our highest quality standard.


      With the value of "Experience and Innovation", the company will continually supply block making machines and excellent services to global customers.



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